2013 BOWL * 4 * Cystic Fibrosis Awareness

As most know, I always give, always try to help and never ask for anything except for this one time of year when I run this event. If you can’t make it but are willing to donate, that would be appreciated by myself and more so by those we help.

Did you know ?

1. Life expectancy 37-40 yrs
2. issues with gaining / maintaining weight
3. 2-3 hrs of treatments daily that include nebulizers and therapy vests
4. must take medication for their entire life

My Goal in addition to raising awareness of this deadly disease is to raise money for those who need assistance with medications, nutritional supplements and medical equipment so they can manage their health and try to enjoy life.

The Bowling alley has 32 lanes X 6 bowlers per lane. I would like to fill each lane this year.

$ 35.00 per person or choose a sponsor package on registration form.

*** The night will include (3) games of bowling Scotch Doubles- 3 couples pairing up – 1st bowler throws 1 ball, then 2nd person throws 2nd ball on same frame ***
Click the link to download the registration form.
CF 2013 Bowl – 4 – Awareness

Call / email or text : 201-954-6144 / gmcdermott_1@verizon.net